More Great Lakes!

A co-worker is leaving so the boss asked me to come up with something for a going away gift. I did two separate projects and let him choose the one he liked best. I’m really liking the down-cut spiral bits. :slight_smile:

Great Lakes on slab oak - lots of data prep. for this one:

Lake Superior on pine - already had the bathymetry for this one:


I’ve got an X-carve ordered for basically this exact project. Can you give a high level summary of where you got the data and massaged it for easel?

Adam, I described the process over in my cribbage board post:
cribbage board around a lake

Are you a GIS type also? Are you planning on cutting Superior? I wouldn’t have a problem sharing the SVG for the contours, but you may want to try setting them up yourself as part of the learning process (and also to say “I did it myself” :slight_smile: )

Thanks. I’ll check that one out. I’m all for the lazy approach but I’d like to do it myself. I’m from lower MI and went to school in the U.P. so grew up in the lakes. I figure my Dad would like some of these and various others like the lake their cabin is on.