More Script Fonts

I know that there are several more script fonts in Pro but for those of use that don’t need the V-Carve feature, it would be nice to have 2 or three more script fonts in regular Easel. I think there are only 1 or 2 in regular Easel. A few more to use for cutting out letters or words would be nice.


Type anything you want in any font you want using word or something similar then same it as an image and import it to easel.

You don’t have to Vcarve using Easel Pro. You can just use the fonts and then carve using regular bits. It does use a free carving day but Easel Pro doesn’t require using Vcarving…

I understand but just 1 script font in regular Easel??? Come on.

I am aware of this. You can do this with several programs. Just trying to reduce workflow and having it so that Easel can be used from start to finish. There aren’t even many more script fonts in Pro.

You are correct but why use “a free carving day” just to get another script font? I’m not wanting to vcarve. I just want a few more script fonts without having to pay the Pro price for a few more.

I know that I can use other software, both commercial and free, to get more script fonts. My suggestion here is just to make Easel stronger and usable. At some point, I would rather pay the Pro price to support Inventables than pay someone else for a different software package.

Thanks for all the comments,


I stand corrected. I didn’t realize that the ‘scroll’ kept expanding. Damn, I hate those refreshing scroll list…