More tabs please

When will we be able to add more than 16 tabs . My projects need more.

what are you carving where you need more than 16 tabs? Could you just make them bigger?

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hge.pdf (6.2 KB)

Vacuum table? I feel you on more tabs with that design.

Low-tech but…Double stick tape?

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As mentioned by @TysonSwan (and probably others) Double sided tape is the easiest and sometimes the most productive way to go!
I use double sided tape all the time now.
For short flat material its way easier than clamping. There is no bowing of the material, and quite reliable.
These two brands appear popular:

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The tabs are artificially limited in Easel, it would be very easy to increase that number by the developers side.

Of course, you can do it ‘patching’ Easel too:

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Hey everyone, we’ve increased the default maximum tabs to 32 (from 16). If this isn’t enough, please let us know (and please provide a project link so we can better understand why).


Thank you