More than 2 bits?

is there anyway to run more than 2 different bits? ive noticed some of my projects can take about 15 hrs. with 2 bits but if i could add a 3rd bit i could cut my carve time to almost 4-5 hrs. still new to the machine and program so any help would be appriceated

I have not had the need but i think you could set the roughing pass up in a seperate file run it then change to the file with the other 2 bits. Pretty much the same process you are just changing files.I am also no brain but i do not see why it would not work.

thats what i was thinking also. i will definitly try it out on a small project first though

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Easel? Make duplicate work pieces. In piece A, use the largest bit as the rough bit and the next largest as detail but. In piece B, use the detail bit from piece A as the rough bit and the next smallest as detail. Then run the rough from A, detail from A and then detail only from B.

You could cascade as many bits as you want, in theory.

This has been covered here so you may want to look at old threads about it.

ok thats basicaly what im trying to do. how do i duplicate the work pieces so i know they line up correctly?

Copy and paste.

ok but wont it try carving the stuff that was already carved or do i just delete those areas?

If you are using a roughing bit first does that area need to be cleaned up with the next bit?


If not you will need to delete what is already done or cover it up.

I do this all the time with separate workpieces in easel. My video showing the new drill feature is an example. Here it is. Maybe this will help

Not when you have multiple bits selected. When you go to carve it asks which stage to carve and you just select the detail after you’ve done the initial roughing and detail passes.