Most boring cribbage board ever!


pretty sure there’s some kind of knot in the top left too…

also - this one has 3 tracks… that’s way fancier than mine.

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get some water stains on the mdf, maybe even where it starts to separate… and we’re talking!

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Why is this not an inventables challenge lol


Sometimes the simplist projects inspire cool stuff. Does anyone have that hole pattern figured out that they would be willing to share?

new cribbage board new holes.eps (96.0 KB)

here is an oval design i created

happy to share. I will upload svg tomorrow

Thanks Steve!
Now all I gotta do is figure out how to look at the file. Technically challenged…

you can import it into Inkscape (free program) or Corel Draw or Illustrator

This is the pattern I used. (Right click save as svg)

Thanks Guys!

Ahhhh but the point that you’re missing is that the holes are nicely drilled. No little side chips or burs. Nice workmanship doesn’t have to be complicated.

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