Most important question I've yet to have an answer to

How do you pronounce GRBL??!




just, G.R.B.L.?


Question #1

I think of it as Grr-ble

here is the answer

How do you pronounce Grbl!?

This is probably the number one question, and the answer is: “It depends on who you ask.”

When Simen Svale Skogsrud first sat down and wrote Grbl in 2009, he named it after a bigger version of a computer mouse. It’s small, useful, and doesn’t do much other than what its designed to do. So, if you ask him, it’s pronounced like “gerbil”. If you ask Sonny Jeon, the developer since 2011, he’d say it’s pronounced ‘grr-ble’, because he was teased too many times by his wife when working on the project. If you ask Edward Ford of Shapeoko, he’d probably say ‘garble’, even though he knows better. In any case, pronounce it however you’d like. We love hearing the various interpretations of our name!

I don’t say it, I just type it.

I try to stay away from it :grimacing:

I have it from a very good authority that it is Grrr-Bull … or sometimes Gerbil :slight_smile: … but never Gar-Bull :angry:


Does it really matter?

I prefer the french, Jer-belle.

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I am kinda partial to “grebbel”.



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He might not be that wrong if you follow this link;

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