Most powerful motor for the Xcarve/Xcontroller?

I’ve been using the 269oz motors/steppers…which have been plenty good for what i’ve been doing. But recently i upgraded to a CNC/VFD spindle and cutting aluminum i’ve seen some skips on aggressive cut settings.

I’m rebuilding my xcarve with an openbuilds/acme threaded rod style drive (instead of 9mm belts) and found these motors which are exactly 4.0A/2.4NM which is the max the Xcontroller can drive. The 269’s required 3.0A and i ran them a little hotter than that. These “339.79oz” motors are $25 a pop. so cheaper than 269s as well. Could be complete rubbish, but the specs look good. If anyone has experience with these let me know … otherwise I’ll let ya’ll know how they compare to the 269s in a week or so

Just wanted to share, " STEPPERONLINE Nema 23 Stepper Motor 2.4Nm( 4.0A 8mm Shaft 57x57x82mm 4 Wires"


  • Nema 23 stepper motor with 8mm shaft
  • 2.4Nm( Holding Torque
  • Nema 23 motor driving voltage is 24-48VDC, suggest 36 VDC
  • *Rated Current/phase: 4.0A, Phase Resistance: 0.9ohms
  • 1.8 deg. step angle(200 steps/rev)

Just an FYI you will experience resistance within the wires, so calculating for this and overdriving the output to overcome this resistance drop is a great method of achieving power. So when you do the resistance calculation and toss that into ohms law, then you probably were still within tolerance of the 3A motors.

For those 4 amp ones you would also benefit from swapping the wires out for a larger gauge which in turn reduces the resistance and allows you to get more power at the motor. Also, trimming the wires to the shortest possible length will help reduce resistance too :+1::+1:

Sounds like you’ve got a solid plan with the screw drive and larger steppers… How much more is a ball screw setup though? That will remove the backlash issue experienced with acme lead screws :man_shrugging:

Yeah, i’m going with acme rods, much cheaper for a large machine. I’m sure i’ll end up going ballscrew in the future.

I’m building out a version of this… using HGH15CA big linear bearings. The acme guides have dual anti-backlash guides per rod… so should be “ok” in the short run.

The fasteners(screws, M4/M5 have been the biggest expense), got a couple a 6061 sheets for 120 bucks. So probably 300-500 bucks to convert over depending on size. Upgrading the steppers not included (they’re 130 for 4 + couplers).

My CNC spindle is way too heavy, so i’m getting alot of play in the Y-axis direction(front-back). So looking forward to the added stiffness.


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Get from the same supplier, works well