Motherboard is toast

I purchased the Xcarve 1000 x 1000 used from Marketplace. So I don’t know a lot about it. It has a few upgrades. 3D - screw type spindle gear. I think it is 2020 year built.

Pretty sure it isn’t a Pro model

My question is if I buy a replacement board where do I get it? The one inventables have for $130 I not sure if it’s 3D?

What are my options as far as getting a total different system? Where to look and buy?

Would probably get a more accurate reply if a photo of your cnc was included.

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Do you know exactly what you need?
How do you know the “motherboard is toast”?

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Assuming you do need s replacement motherboard, the $130 one is a drop in replacement for that model.

Smoke started coming out from the box. There were burnt marks on it in the back of the board.

That’s exactly what I needed to know. Thanks bunch!! I’ll order one today

Why not make your own? I see one thing that I would not have on my S B & the working area is in a pocket so that if you are working with a piece that is longer and or wider than the spoilboard, you have to deal with supporting the work so that it can extend past the edges of the pocket. Also there are no T tracks which many of us use, and no dog holes, which of course you can cut using the CNC at any time. I no longer use dog holes but can add them any time if me mind changes. Also my preference is to use Tnuts mounted under the SB rather than threaded inserts which can pull out, or may distort the underside of the SB.

@AnthonyBAldridge you’re talking about the MDF wasteboard. The original post is about the actual CNC controller board… The electronics that control the machine.
While possible, and the best way to understand how it all works, it’s been a while since anyone was rolling their own CNC controller on this forum.

My very bad very bad, with profound apologies to all.

You’ll be forgiven…eventually.

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