Motor not moving randomly in middle of job

I am using an Arduino uno, g shield, shapeoko, and easel software to regularly mill wood, wax, pcb, etc. Just replaced the 24V and 48V power supplies because my boss thought they looked ugly. Newer sleeker ones look nicer, but now this poor shapeoko isn’t working properly. This is what happens:!AoTgrCPgFRGMgYIIPf8vvGtbTXgeMA

I did not put this thing together and the person who did isn’t available to assist in it’s current issue. Here is a schematic of all the things.!AoTgrCPgFRGMgYIHFh5jwORgnyJ0Eg

I believe I have isolated the issue in that it is the x motor. The belt works perfectly when I set it to home or move around, but occasionally, part way through a job, it begins to ‘slip’ and shudder, like in the first link’s video. I cleaned everything very thoroughly and eyeballed everything, there is no debris I can see causing the malfunction. I lowered line $122=2000 down to $122=800, as I wondered if the z accel #'s were just too high… with no difference in results. I am about to just rewire that particular motor in hopes of fixing the issue, but if anyone has any ideas for me I would be extremely grateful!!AoTgrCPgFRGMgYIEwSIqD6lsl9gVvg

-Jess @ CUC Fab Lab

Disregard, didn’t read your issue correctly.

Edit - do you have the old PSU´s and roll-back option for testing purposes?

I fixed the issue! I needed to adjust the x pot on the GRBL shield! I cleaned everything, checked the belt tightness, checked wires, peeked at easel’s g code, slowed down the x acceleration, checked set screws on motor, posted on this forum, and finally just held my finger to the GRBL board while it was running a job. The x chip was getting super hot! After adjusting it, backing off so much power my x motor now works just like it should!!! Huzzah!

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