Mount electronics vertically

OK, time to admit that my wiring job on my x-carve 1000 mm is a disaster. I’m not changing the wiring at the stepper motors, etc, that will stay as is (maybe add a zip tie or two. But when it exits the last drag chain and goes to the power supply/computer unit, it’s a rat’s nest. So I’m going to figure out a nice permanent place for the power supply/arduino unit to go. I’d like to have it mounted on a vertical surface, on the side of my x-carve table. Will keep it out of the dust a bit more, etc.

How do I do it? How do I mount that power supply unit vertically, keeping it easy to find the power switch and all that? I’ll also be installing the relay power strip for the new dewalt 611 router that I’ll put in at the same time, so easel can still turn my spindle on and off.


Personally, I’d just mount it wherever you want, with an external power switch, probably an E-stop, since they do exactly the same thing - turn off the power supply. I’d suggest using heavy duty double-stick tape, myself, or possibly a couple bent-aluminum brackets. :smile:

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There should be threaded holes around the power supply that you can mount brackets onto. There are a lot of users that have done something similar to what you are describing, see below.

There was a simpler setup I saw somewhere on here, but I couldn’t track it down. I get what you mean about the rats nest, mine is definitely in the same boat.

Here’s another!

My cheap & nasty version was to mount it all on the front of the table. The controller & bits all fit into a box and all cables pass though plugs. Easy to rearrange and nothing pulls on any of the wires or connectors.

Has been neatened up quite a bit since photos were taken.

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