Mounting bracket for drag chain not right

Bracket for y axis drag chain has holes drilled off location and is too long(as pictured). This something I should send back for a new one or just go ahead and do some redneck engineering with the drill press for a couple new holes in the correct location to line the drag chain properly?

Drag chain is in correct position in the photo, as is the end link on the bracket. Wouldn’t be hard to redo it, but don’t want to alter anything and screw up any type of warranty or whatever.

If I do that the holes will work because the tab will not be in the way, but it will have the drag chain kind of canted and not lined up straight.

Lets pretend this post never happened. I just solved my problem. The bracket MIGHT have been on the wrong rail. I’m blaming it on this brutal heat.


Did you discover which rail is the correct rail to attach the drag chain bracket? Is the drag chain bracket meant to slide as the gantry moves about or is the drag chain bracket meant to be tightly fastened and immovable?

Like Phil said, it isn’t meant to move. I had it attached to the wrong rail. Lack of sleep and heat got me lol

Thank you for helping to understand. Think i’ve got this correctly configured now. Appreciate your assistance.