Moving carriage without doing machine setup

I want to move the carriage, mostly in the upper Y direction, in order to inspect and remove the material. I want to do this without moving it manually (by hand) as I understand that may harm the X-Controller. Is there a way in Easel to perform that movement?
Thank you

Select carve, use arrows. Keep track of what you move if you want to move the spindle back to the spot you started on. Then when your done, close the carve dialogue box (without carving).

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If you use this method to move the carriage around, the X-Controller will “keep track” of spindle position, so if you want to use your previous zero position, it will remember where to go.

Research g28 and g30. They are very useful functions.

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Yes. And if homing switches are used / enabled one can power down/power back up again and previous home position (work zero) is preserved as its coordinates are stored as an offset from machine zero (Homing/switch position)

To use G28 / G30 parking spots homing switches must be used/enabled.

Different post processors provide different ways to do things, I use a PP for F360->UGS where I can define where I want my spindle retract to after complete carve cycle. For instance top right or up front expecting a tool change :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the suggestion. I figured out how to set two spots using G28.1 and G30.1 and then calling on them with G28 and G30.
I also learned that “Home” under Machine is not just G28 used in conjunction with the limit switches. It seems to be a different sequence. It first raises the spindle before initiating X and Y movement.
I would like to be able to do that when I execute G28 and G30 because right now it moves all three axes at the same time and bumps into my hold downs as it is moving.
I do not know G code but am using the Machine Inspector.
Thank you

You can use intermediate locations with G28 and G30, but I’d just use machine coordinates for this.
G53 Z-5

Assuming millimeters, that will raise Z to 5mm below your limit switch and then move to G28.
Using something other than Easel, you could write a little macro to make that one click.

As @HaldorLonningdal stated, this also assumes you have homed the machine.

noob question: how does one input these G28 and G30 commands if using Easel?Also, does the x-controller remember custom park locations after powering off?

Easel -> Machine Inspector -> Console window.

Enter G28.1 and press Enter to define that position as G28 parking space and G30.1 got the other.
You call G28 + Enter to move to G28 parking spot.

Yes, these parking spots are permanently stored (untill redefined)

thank you, sir!

I have a bump stop directly below g28 so my material x0 and y0 are at same x and y location. When my carve finishes the bit is just above x0 y0.
I type in the following command. g28 (enter)
g30 (enter). This way sthe spindle raises before traverse to g30.
PS. I have both g28 and g30 at top of Z travel position.

I mentioned above, and have seen it referenced other places, that it is harmful to the X-Controller to move the gantry by hand. However, I have been watching many videos to learn and often see the presenter moving the gantry by hand. Do we have confirmation, that it is harmful, from Inventables?
I just installed a new X-Contoller and do not want to harm it.

I haven’t seen any indication that Inventables has stated an opinion on this subject.

You will get lots of opinions but few, if any, facts.

Here is a discussion on that topic.

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The X-Carve instructions say to avoid it.

It’s the first note in the “Wire X-Controller” (second to last) section.

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follow up question: is it possible to have more than one “custom G28 /G30 parking spot”?

All that follows is dependent on you homing your machine or knowing G-code in and out, perfect.

The answer to your specific question is no.

However there is a way to have multiple known positions provided that you home your machine and follow the rules. Most people will not do this, but you may be one of the ones that does.

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You can expand by dwelling into G55-59 work offsets if that fit your work flow.