Moving machine to exact coordinates from home

In machine inspector you can see the current machine position. Is there a way to tell the machine to move to a certain coordinate set.

For example, if I home and zero the machine, machine position for each of X and Y is -700ish. I’ve got the machine tuned up so home is always repeatable. I want to be able to move to my work origin.

Two purposes:

  1. Repeat jobs in a fixture. Work zero is always the same.

  2. Whenever the dumb X-controller/Easel stops in the middle of a job thinking it’s done, I can recover the start position more quickly.

I think what you are looking for is the G28 command. There is a few tutorials on youtube about how to use it for recovery of your position.

When you set X, Y and Z in Easel it sets the G54 position.

What you want to do is explore using G55/G56/G57 etc which allows for more coordinate systems. But easel won’t support that unless you import Gcode.

Thanks. I do import all my Gcode into Easel when I use Easel, but I don’t want to include offsets in the imported Gcode. I was wondering if I could do this in the Easel interface on an ad hoc basis. I’ll try tinkering with this in the machine inspector console.

Your work zero is persistent across power cycles and resets. You can just home the machine and go.

It’s you are using multiple jigs/fixtures, using multiple coordinate systems, as @JustinBusby mentioned is the way to go.

To just move to a specific MACHINE location, you can use G53. For example, G53 G0 X-500 Y-500 would perform a rapid move to that location.

Excellent. That’s what I was looking for. Thanks.