Moving Parts

A few weeks ago someone approached me with a commission request for a model they had found on the internet. It didn’t look complicated, however he wanted moving parts: a working trigger and removable magazine.

Below is the design that I came up with. The trigger assembly could use some improvement, but it’s functional. I’m very happy with the way the magazine release works. I used springs to provide different levels of resistance.


Wow, that is awesome. Looks heavy.

is the gray piece 3D printed or painted?

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The grey piece is actually a cut piece of MDF with foam glued to it. I painted it with primer to see if it was going to look OK.

And not too heavy overall. MDF is somewhat light.

wow is right … that thing is super cool!

Very cool, love the detail.

@SeanKeplinger what is your workflow like for something like this? It is amazing work, I’m just curious to what software you use and what not.

Thanks for the compliment! I do most (95%) of my work in Inkscape to figure out the layers. There’s a whole lot of visualization which usually equates to me just staring at the reference pictures. I then take those individual layers into Easel or print the templates and hand cut them on the scrollsaw. At times, I’ll model parts in Sketchup to send to the 3D printer.

Here’s a link to my project describing the steps in more detail: Crisis Typhoon Minigun Replica Prop.

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This project has been a long time in the making, though I did take a break for a while. Check out the (mostly) finished product:


That is remarkable

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