Moving the spindle

I have done a few test carves. Made a few mistakes but learning from them. Using Easel for now.
What I’m asking this time is how do you move the spindle out of the way when the carve is done? I have been doing it manually very slowly.
When my carve is done it comes back to my zero start position which is 0 x 0.
That is also where the corner of my carves has been. With the Y & Z axis there it makes it difficult to release the hold downs.
I have not found anything in easel to manually jog it out of the way at the end of the carve.
Am I missing something?


Do you have homing switches installed?

Otherwise your only option is to jog the bit out of the way using the jog pane - which I assume is what you mean with manually jog?

It’s completely counter-intuitive ‘post-carve’. As Haldor says, you have to jog it out of the way. The only way to do that in Easel is to click on ‘Carve’ again to access the controls.

The ‘job complete’ screen should have it’s own set of jogging controls!