Moving to Openbuilds Blackbox

Hi team -

I just bought the blackbox x32 (on sale!) to go on my original x-carve(with upgraded motors and belts). Has anyone made this change?

Does anyone know how the stepper wire motor colors align to the openbuilds colors?

What about my GRBL settings? Can I export those from the xcarve controller and then import them in the x32?

Anything else I need to watch out for or any tips would be greatly appreciated.


I have not… My original X-Carve is still going to town with its original Arduino Uno and GRBL Shield after about 8 years… :slight_smile:

The motor wire colors might vary by manufacturer. I would check the manufacturer’s specifications. You can short two lines together, and if the stepper motor becomes difficult to turn by hand, you have found two ends to the same winding.

You can go into the Machine Inspector in Easel, type in $$, and then copy the settings. The settings for your new motors/belts will likely be different than previous settings.

As far as the other controller and how to manipulate it, I would suggest visiting its forum…posts regarding your questions definitely exist.


Brandon R. Parker

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