Multi color plaque

Hey everyone here is a multi-color plaque that I have been working on let me know what you think


Love it! But I’m a sucker for anything Whovian…

I knew nothing about Dr. Who before I started to do these signs lol

Dr. Who apparently

i guess he is the bees knees!!

lol I have never seen it

I seriously dont even think Dr.Who was on when I was a kid I might have to check on that

but I was born 1989

all i have to say is there is something fishy going on with that phone booth

lol ended when i was born

I have watched all the james bond films though

being a Dr.Who fan do you like the revamp that they are doing compared to the old series?

I am just kinda sick of all the revamps you see

it kinda feels like people are completely out of ideas for new shows and movies