Multi Stage Carve

I would like some help in setting up to carve the multi stage you see here

My wife is fighting ovarian cancer, she saw this and asked if I could carve it, I said I would do my best. Please help.

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What are you cutting this out of, and do you have a preference for what is negative vs. what is proud?

I’ve got one coming down the pipeline, but we can change it to how you want…


Brandon Parker

Here is a first try at cutting this out. I kind-of just placed the depth of each part based on the colors, but this can be easily changed. The first workpiece is the facing operation using a 1/8" bit and a 60-degree V-Bit, and the second workpiece is the cutout using a 1/8" bit. The third piece just shows you what it will look like when carved out with the exception of the chamfer around the perimeter of the piece. If you would like that style, it is doable, but we would need to make a few adjustments.

Please let me know if you would like assistance changing anything about the design. Did you want a raised edge around the entire design?

I do hope your wife wins the battle; best of luck to her, you, her doctors, and her entire support network!!


Brandon Parker