Multiple issues with viewing cut

Yesterday while at work (using a Mac) i made a file to cut for a friend of mine. I had cleaned up 99.9% of the issues with cutting paths. Today on my home PC i opened the project and it is telling me the it cant carve any of the design. While it is showing in the right preview panel all i have on the left is a bounding box!?!? Just like in this design i am also having issues with it saying it is unable to cut straight lines even though it was aligned on the x axis. Any one have any ideas?

I create all my “artwork” in illustrator then export as an svg then import the svg into easel.

The only thing i can think of is maybe there is an issue if the svg isnt embedded into the easel project. I dont have the original svg on my home computer.

edit: i am getting issues with the clamps i drew up yesterday also. The big red blob should just be a clearing cut i dont see why it is having an issue now but it was fine on my mac at work.

Ok i will report back tomorrow when i am back at work.

It seems to be an issue with my home computer. I am getting the same results with easel on both my work iMac & Lenovo work station (see attached). Now my only issue is that i cannot get my material dimensions to change

I guess i lied when i said the issues where fixed. Here is 4 of the same part with 2 different orientations but with 4 different cutting path issues…