Multiple level glue up?

do you mean gluing multiple sheets of material like mdf? If thats the case, using a vacuum bag is what I have done in the past.

If you’re gluing up solid woods, like poplar, you’ll want the grain all in the same direction for expansion/contraction. If you glue it perpendicular, your finished piece could pull itself apart. I would also try to stagger the glue joints between layers like roof shingles.

Also, when gluing up, look at the grain on the ends. You can see that the growth rings curve usually indicating the center/outside of the tree. The boards will naturally cup following this grain pattern. When arranging the boards for the glue up, make sure they’re alternating cup up/cup down/cup up, cup down, etc. This will keep the entire board more flat over time.

Can’t wait to see the next generation of stuff you crank out with the new software!


Perpendicular would be fine and give more strength if you paint, but you would probably go parallel if staining so you don’t see the cross grain.

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Sorry, I didn’t question it clearly. Increasing the thickness is what I was referring to… Vacuum bags have been great for this application in order to get an even “clamp”. I wouldn’t use it for edge gluing though.

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You can change elevation and have flat surface but, second one doesn’t fit as need it.
You can load two models first, it will be on top of each other by clicking on u symbol on top. Generate toolpath, demostrate it to be sure all levels are good as you need, click on top model, create border (it’s on top menu) and erase top model. Now you have border edge you can generate pocket toolpath for.
I’ m out of town, I wish to have my PC here to give you screen shots, but I’m sure you’ll find your way to do it.

It may be faster depending on how you design it too. (If you can cut some of the back end thickness as a profile instead of a pocket.)

V Carve has a mode to support this, so you can split up a thick 3D carve over multiple boards.
It is the “Slice Model” and “Create Vector Boundary” (trace) on the Modeling tab.

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Don’t forget to plane the boards on the sides that are glued.
The flatter the stronger the bond.

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