Multiple roughing ops

I wish you could do a real roughing pass, then a finer roughing pass and then detail. The limitation of just one roughing and one detail pass is annoying. If you are doing a larger sign say with medium text and you want the letters to be mostly milled then chamfered that’s fine except on a large sign you have to either use a smaller tool (like a 1/16") when you’d want to truly “rough” the bulk of the wood with a 1/4" or at least a 1/8" then drop to the smaller tools) But you can’t combine this concept and v-carve (i.e. chamfering). Yes I realize I can use Fusion CAM and then UGS (although I can never get UGS to connect successfully) to make as many roughing step-downs as I want, but I’d like to improve Easel as well.

I have had a few projects that that would have been a good option and have had the same thoughts myself.

And there is no good way to split it into multiple jobs either (not like you could just duplicate the model and then change the cut parameters (I mean you can but since there is no intelligence between them, the CAM has no idea of prior machining so are are gonna cut a lot of air!

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