Mustang sign

Looks good.
11 hours! I’ve just started playing around with vcarving (f-engrave) and thought a 1 hour job was a long time. :slight_smile:


After a few vcarve tests today, a probe is definitely on my must have list.
Setting the Z using a sheet of paper doesn’t work too well with the pointy v-bits.

I’ve made a simple probe plate this evening from a piece of PCB and I’ve added the necessary code to Linuxcnc. Too cold to go out and test it tonight.

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I’ve been afraid to let mine run that long? I figured the router would overheat and blowup at some point. Have you had any trouble on long runs?

Thanks for the info! There are a few projects I’ve stayed away from because I figured they were outside the practical operating range of the machine. I might give them a shot now!

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thats a LONG cut! i would do it but not a huge mustang fan. wife’s dad is so i made a word sign saying mustang for his bday think he would have a heart attack with that sign you are making. looks great.

side note do you have any info on how you made your waste board? it looks like what i want to do.

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your initial carve is longer then anything i have cut sofar. father in law has 400hpish in a 86. not sure on year convert. he came to fl(lives in pa) rode in my trans am gt(600 hp fully built crate ready for the supercharger when funds/wife says i can spend the 7g for the one i have been eyeing so i dont have to cut my hood and it still would look factoryish…) after ragging on me owning a a chicken. first pull said D*** this thing is alot faster then the mustang.(1/4 mile pull)

any finish pics yet?

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long carve for a shallow cut. looking good tho. im doing my longest cut right now. going on hour 3. at 95% done. then assemble test and bed. to work at 6 am.

Ha ha ha, looks perfect. I’m glad you took an offence on my words.:slight_smile:

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Nice work, very clean

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Looks good. Now for the finished completely picture

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That is a very well done sign. Mind sharing all the settings?
Step over?
Tool? or Tools?

Again very nice work. this is what I am aspiring to produce. I almost got my harley sign perfect now. Will post it soon.

excited to see how you finish this sign. a dark inlay would be cool or I’m sure whatever you come up with will be great already good as is.

That sucks.

My switches haven’t worked since day 1. Didn’t order them but was charged for them so I put them on. Haven’t cared to even trouble shoot them.

If the keyhole slot’s in the wrong spot and isn’t going to be visible, you could always fill it with wood putty. That’ll fill it and retain the same color (relatively).

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Syringed paint becomes wrinkled look after get dry. You don’t need it. looks like you already used either shellac or similar. Just spray white paint and send it. Apply another coat of varnish. Or if you still want to use syringe, use colored epoxy.

Difference is those letters are way too thin than yours.

Yup, the laquer over shellac doesnt give you the “wrinkles”, at least not in my experience.

With the spray and sand method, there is the problem of stain getting into the painted areas, discoloring them. Yet, the syringe method can require a steady hand to make sure it only goes where you want it to.
Both menhods have their pro’s and con’s.

FWIW, I just got online and this is the first thread I hit. while Phil was posting about the restaurant blog I was actually there installing more deck boards! @ 6:00 in the morning! (before work)

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I took it back. :slight_smile:


Looks very nice.

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