My 3d model carved with vcarve peo

I used vcarve pro to carve this model , only use finishing without roughing, I used 1/8" bit ball nose


Nicely done!

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Yes I bought vcarve pro 8.5 and started to carve 3d models I want to give a shot for my website because last time you do not like it
I want you to see it again and tell me what you think

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Good to have you back Jamal.
Two things to have perfect text;

  1. If you want to put text on 3D carving, Vcarve Pro have option checkbox to do it evenly on top of it.

  1. You can use your Vbit and give some Flat Depth,

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Thanks for your reply , you answered my next question about text and how to add in 3d model
If you have a tutorial about adding text I will be so glad.

it is so simple. After you finish on modeling tab for adding your 3D image, click to Drawing tab and put any text to desired place on 3D image.
After finish design, go to Toolpaths, make/calculate toolpath for 3D image first, then when you’re making toolpath for your text, click option check box for “Project Toolpath Onto 3D Model” and calculate.

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