My BB-8 had a rough time on Jakku [Video]

Carved with easel using a V-Bit. 1/2" MDF primed and painted with Acrylic Craft Paints.


Very nice.

if my kids see this they will be bugging me to make them each one

By any chance do ya have the pattern available for this? My cousin’s 9 year old son (named Harrison after Harrison Ford, huge star wars fans) just started chemo and thought it might be a great gift for him to look at from his bed, thought I would make a few different characters for his room.

If ya could point me in the right direction for the artwork that works also. So far the ones I have found aren’t as nice as the image you used.

I’m traveling right now for work but I got the files from thingiverse…it was designed to be 3d printed but it has great lines. I set it to carve the outline, on path, 45° v bit at a depth of about .03 I think. Test the depth to be sure. Acrylic paints is what I used to paint it. If you need anything else just message me. I’d say “Use the force” …but “that’s not how the force works!”

Thank you!!! That’s exactly what I need. :grinning: