My bed is too tiny?

Hey y’all!

Sooo I recycled a couple old DVD burner modules, and turned them into a tiny CNC machine… I have scaled down the canvas to about 2 inches in the X and Y, but to no avail… Additionally, under “Machine”, and then “Advanced Settings”, and finally “Machine Inspector” I have changed the modified the first three “$ numbers” to be about 2.

Why do my motors run for a lot longer than they need to? My bed is tiny, and my steppers move left and right like the bed is like 10". Any idea on what gives??

(maybe) thanks,

Troy Perry

What settings are about 2?
Can you post your settings?
Have you calibrated your steps/mm?

I got post my settings right now because I left my cnc machine in my studio, but how do you change the steps/mm? That sounds exactly what I’m looking for!

In Easel, go to the machine inspector and type $$. That will give you your grbl settings. The X axis steps per mm is stored in the $100 parameter. Y is $101 and Z is $102
Lets say your setting is currently 250.000, you try to jog 50mm and it actually moves 12mm.
Expected/actual*current steps per mm = your new steps per mm.
So, 50/12 = 4.1667. That times 250.000 = 1041.667.
You’d enter $100 = 1041.667.
Repeat the tests until you get it dialed in. I’d jog as far as you can, and make sure you are measuring accurately and precisely.

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