My belt cut after only one week working

I updated my cnc from 500 to 1000 and working great, yesterday my belt for x axes cut and I don’t know why any one can explain that to me

I would suspect rubbing/mis-alignment or belts too tight.
When you updated to the 1000mm why didn’t you use the one piece X rail.

Because I follow someone who post update and he made apart list of what need to update
This list had two extrude

Yes everything from inventables and before that my small cnc work great and I have not belt broken since 2015

I’ll join the chorus on ‘Broken Belts’. The other weekend I broke two belts. My breaks look just like yours. I’m in the process of upgrading my belts. I’ve gone to the 9mm pulley and guides, just got mine back together last night. I’m using the 5mm 3GT belts until the 9mm 3GT come from China (ebay).

@JamalAlabbood I know you just upgraded to 1000mm, however you should consider the one piece X rail. Also search and read about upgrading your wasteboard setup. The 20x40 rails and solid aluminum base made a big difference for me. I finally was able to square and stay level.

I’ve been down the path you’ve taken, I’ve upgraded so much, one can wonder - did I get the CNC to make things or continually spend time upgrading it… LOL


I ordered new belt the same size and it takes 2 bourse to change it and I saw that the stepper need to adjust with the idlers
Now it’s working good hopefully not broken the belt in the future

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Did someone say mis-alignment?
Good to know you fond the issue.
Happy Carving

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Thanks Mark for your help
Actually I did not check that before because the gentry was the same only I moved it from the old to the new one

@JamalAlabbood Glad you found the alignment problem. Keep an eye on it, my steppers and idlers are aligned yet I still break belts. Good luck. I’m still waiting for my 9mm GT3 belt.