My bit box and a few other projects

Thought i would post some pics of my bit box. The box is made of oak and 1/4" plywood. The top was v carved, the insert was cut with the x carve also. I glued a 3/4" sheet of foam to the ply wood where the bits go in to help grab and stabilize the bits.

After i carved the lid i painted it and then ran it through the planer after it dried, just enough to only leave the carve painted.

Also wanted to show off this knife handle. I made the blank from maple and purple heart. They were left over from another project.

After i made the two halves i epoxied them onto a bread knife that had a plastic handle.

I modeled the geometry in fusion 360.

Finally a sign i made as my first carve.

Hope you guys like them.



The top of the box is beautiful! Do you have a finger joint jig for the table saw?


Yes i made a simple jig that sits in my cross cut sled. That and a dado blade i can knock out the finger joints in about 10 mins. William Ng has a great video on how to cut accurate finger joints with a simple jig. Thats the method i use. Thanks for the compliment!


I recycled the maple from crown molding scraps from a kitchen cabinet install. I have just enough for inlays and small things like knife handles. Thanks for the kind words.

I’ve got a stack of maple in the shop @AngusMcleod come on by and get some :slight_smile: