My bit is too short, how to force roughing bit


Im making a nameplate, and im having trouble to force the drillbit for each part.

If i only use one bit the contour uses the 3.9 mm bit and the holes also.
But when i also select a 1.5 mm bit the drilled holes and the contour gets done with the 1.5 bit instead of the Rought 3.9 mm bit.

How do i force it to use that one instead, i wouldnt mind that it uses the 1.5 bit, but that one is just 10 mm long so i there is no way i get a nice edge when the material is thicker :frowning:
Attached is the Name plate. ive made Dots instead of Drill holes, to test please dont take note of that. !

Can i also set some where the lenght of the cutting part of the bit, if i dont use Xcarve bits.

Been awhile since I’ve used Easel, so this might not be right…

I remember Easel would always like to run the detail bit along ALL edges (assuming the bit would fit into all design elements). I can’t really tell the size of your holes, but if using the smaller bit along the perimeter of the holes also effectively clears out their centers, that’s probably why Easel is only using the detail bit there. Even it the holes were bigger, Easel would probably use the larger bit to clear their centers, then come back with the detail bit for the perimeters.

A potential solution is to create a work piece with ONLY the holes, and use JUST the larger bit. Keep in mind your carve will be split into multiple steps/projects this way.

The thing is if you make “holes” then the size adjusts according to the bit, bot how do i make it use the Rouging bit for size instead of the detailing bit.

Split your project up into multiple carves, carve the individual elements