My board damage

When I tied my material on the board, the nut in side board come up and damage my board and l can’t use it again

how did you tighten down your material? I have placed a lot of force on the MDF that came with the X-Carve and never had that happen. really just wondering if that was with a standard allen wrench or something else.

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Now you make me want to go to my old waste board and torque it to failure just out of curiosity. I have an original waste board that I have over used and replaced.

May not be able to use those hold downs again , the board is not lost. Sand smooth and it will be fine. Use another area of the board to hold you work not overtighten . You only need to snug the material it will hold just fine. Best of luck

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I stripped a couple as well but I am eventually going to lift the sides with new plates and add T-slot tracks with easily replaceable waste boards seems like a better solution all around. Its a waste board and bound to get damaged I finally had my first oops on depth and cut mine up a bit. I have seen a lot of people say they use masking tape and like a CA glue to hold down parts if doing woods. basically tape both the board and work piece and glue the tape together then peel off when done. no damage to piece or board.

$25 for a .75" MDF sheet. I can make 2 boards out of it.
I created a new waste board and its better than the original as far as flatness. I do not need to skim it.
Just make sure its in good dry condition and has no water spots on it.
You do not need to crank the hold down clamps. Just a slight snug where the work piece doesn’t move is sufficient.

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Can you show me your board and the diameters
And thanks for your help

Can you show me how your board is?
Thanks for your help

The diameters are Here:

The drawing is 433-00004.pdf
This will give you the dimensions for the waste board.

Right now my system is not visble as me and my friend are working on the garage. It will be a week or so before I can get it visible again.