My carve should look better than preview!

I just wasted three hours on a Christmas Present and I am just frustrated right now. My carve preview on Easel looks great. I carve and it is literally dots… I was carving a lion cub and the hair came out in dots. So frustrating. And to go back and forth with this, when it takes SOOOOOO long to load the preview. Just ridiculous. I know my carve has many nodes, but I do not the time to sit and delete node after node, I could do that for hours. I was so excited to get this lion cub to turn out. I am making three . I will try and post pics of what I am taking about.

This was my first carve, wish I never would have touched it.

Looks like you are using a 1/8" bit. That may be to large of bit for the detail you are wanting.

Please any help would be amazing. I just started on my big lion and come over after s bit and it is doing the same thing! What is happening! It 60 degree bit, I am clearing the pocket and this is what is happening!?

My project is 22 x 29 this lion is one fourth of the board. I am so confused and not in a place for this to be happening right now.

Can you share the project?
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