My CNC Enclosure


I bought a generic version of the X-Carve in November last year (I’m from Australia and a local company have a kit, the postage is not a viable option to buy the genuine one). Since then i have been building this enclosure. Thought i would share with everyone.

It’s still a work in progress, buts its coming along nicely.

It features:

  • 12mm polycarbonate door
  • Self levelling epoxy base
  • LED lighting
  • Removable trap door for templates to hold larger items
  • Monitoring macro webcam
  • 3DTek GRBL AIO controller
  • Raspberry Pi 3
  • Acoustic tiles (incomplete)
  • Dust extraction (incomplete)
  • Air compressor (incomplete)

Heres some highlights from my build so far.

Cutting the 70mm and 18mm supports to size.

Everything is held together with Kreg pocket holes.

Heres the frame completed.

After fitting the 18mm MDF sheets sanding and painting.

Fitted some PVC piping for dust extraction and ventilation plus the other piping for electrics and air. Also fitted the trap door with aluminium angle. Then poured around 9 litres of self levelling epoxy.

Sanding the Epoxy flat.

Fitting the LED lights.

Modified the CNC base. Front and middle bars are removable to access the trap door.

Made a mount for the macro webcam.

Making parts for the dust extraction system.

Web browser view using CNCjs

More to come…

Let me know what you think :slight_smile:


I love this. I use mine in a big messy garage, so I never worried about an enclosure. But I’d go this route if I needed one. Interested in seeing the dust collection.

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Nice Job . I too bought the xyz without controller and purchased the upgrade kit and x-controller from inventables . Worth the wait. mine is up and running with no issues so far.
Cheer from Hobart Tas

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I need to make one of these also, if for no other reason than to cut down the noise level.

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pocket holes/screws rules!

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Hi all, long time reader but first time poster. @NathanKingston is this the 3DTek kit and curious how you find the aio controller ??

Yes, this is the 3DTek kit. Overall its pretty good. The AIO controller seems to work fine too. Can’t really compare it to anything else. It was a pain to setup as there were some design changes from the XCarve. One example was the XCarve used 10mm M5 Bolts this needed 8mm M5 bolts due to the extrusion being slightly different depth allowance. But overall i like it.

Nathan, how are you going to use the trapdoor?

I had the same problem as you with the 3DTek kit.

The wasteboard and extrusion supports will be removed and a piece of 18mm MDF will drop in. The piece of 18mm MDF can either have templates cut or I was going to make a universal vice style attachment for one offs.

Gave the machine a logo made from 4.5mm black acrylic. Planning on selling creations on the website to follow.

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Nathan, I suppose what I was asking is what will the templates do?

Nice logo!

These are really rough but I hope enough to explain. I will make a universal clamp in one of the templates. Kind of like a drill press clamp with some threaded rod.

The other templates will fit item exactly and allow them to drop down past the standard waste board height.

Ah! for work holding.

I like it!

I tried to do something similar for dovetails when working on my new baseboard ( Design for a new 1000mm baseboard ) but I ended up giving up on it. Got caught up on the details and it was taking too long.

I am looking forward to seeing how you do it and how you end up using it.

Nice setup! thank you for sharing it.

@NathanKingston Out of curiosity, what software are you using in your last picture?


How do you like that package? Always on the look out for something better…

Works well for me. I had an issue with the Webcam being the wrong way, within 5 hours of submitting a feature request the developer had implemented a commit adding rotate and flip buttons.

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Nathan. Regarding dust control, be aware that your primary objective should not be evacuating the dust out of the box but keeping the dust/chips off the tracks. It doesn’t take much to interfere with the travel of the v-wheels and thus the tool path. That can happen after an hour of machining and create a pc. if junk at that point. If you search for dust control on the forum you’ll see that it is addressed by surrounding the cutting tool itself with an enclosure with the intention of keeping stuff off the tracks more than keeping dust out of the room. I learned the hard way.

If it becomes an issue i will have to go down that route. Thanks for the heads up.

This is utterly incredible!!

How did you go about doing the epoxy base? What brand, technique etc. I’m really keen to do something similar with mine so advice from someone that has done it before would be very much appreciated :slight_smile: