My detail carve went haywire in the last 10 min

So I was in the last 10 min’s of a 4 hour carve and it starts carving way too deep. not sure what happened.

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That’s not enough information to provide any assistance …


Brandon Parker

Its either in the design, or something is slipping (check set screws etc), the stepper have stalled out loosing steps, bit loose in collett or stepper driver failing.

It’s not the design. Bit was tight I checked it. The only thing I found was the belt from the z-axis stepper motor to the acne screw was super tight. could that have caused it to slip. it made a real weird noise and that’s when it started digging into the wood too deep. Can that be loosened.

Grinding noise? If so, it stalled.

Not really sure what the noise was. I just know it was a louder noise than normal operation. I was in the other room and when I went in I saw it was missing up. Would the belt being too tight cause it to stall?

It’s not likely that the Z-Axis belt being super-tight caused the stepper motor to slip. The motor would most likely just spin and eat ribs on the belt. You can inspect the belt to see if it has been chewed up.

A lot of times, at least from what I have observed, the X or Y-Axis will stall and then go off track and then the bad things happen from there.

Did the bit break during this issue?

Can you share the project or at least the feeds & speeds?


Brandon Parker

I hope the photos show up. I will say this was also my first attempt at doing a rough and a Detail carve. I did loosen the belt tonight and had no problems on a 35 minute carve. Not sure what went wrong. image image image image image