My drinking clock (it's always 5 o'clock somehere!)


I like it!

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This is awesome!! Good job!

thanks ya a friend at work requested this specifically “a monkey drinking a beer” … hmmmmm ok never done that before … The drawing took some time to do but thanks to help from the awesome peeps here specifically @PhilJohnson . I think it turned out pretty cool, and the customer loved it!!

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Love your work! Any chance to get the file? Thanks

thanks a lot! ya sure why not its just a one of a kind not something I’m mass producing or anything, I’ll get it to you tonight when I get home

Honestly if you’re giving the file away would you be interested if I got it too for a friend?

Thank you! Your the man.


anyway i can get this file. looks awesome

thats cool, sharing this project? I had another idea of a clock like that but it was just a 12 and a 5, your’s is way cooler for my man cave :wink:

sure I can get it to you when I get home

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sure no problem ill get it to you tonight



Thx Steve, appreciate it…

Hi Steve,

I know this post is older but I’m new here and just started looking around and found your awesome clock! Great work on this! I love making clocks and always like looking to see what others are doing. I’m very impressed not only at your creativity but also the painting. Would you mind sharing how you were able to paint this in such fine detail? Thanks!

wow thanks for the great compliments. first of all its not a real working clock just a bar novelty. I had made a much simpler version and a friend at work saw it and requested a version with monkeys drinking. It took a while to find the right clipart( I cant freehand draw worth crap) and then convert said clipart and modify it into something carve-able in Inkscape.
As far as the painting goes I used hobby acrylic paint. I just sealed the wood first with shellac and painted all the recessed areas first ,then sanded all the excess paint that bled through onto the top layer, then carefully painted all the monkeys vines etc … on the top layer with a very sharp fine brush. finally stained inside with a golden oak and outside ring with walnut. It was a lot of work, but my friend loved it!

Hi Steve,

Thanks so much for the response! From watching what seems like hundreds of videos on you tube about sign painting (I don’t know why but the painting part fascinates me in how many different techniques there are out there) I thought that’s what you may have done but just wanted to know because some parts of that seemed like fine detail and must have taken quite a long time. I have been carving clocks and other things by hand with my DWP611 for a couple of years but I have always been fascinated by the CNC and I decided to join the inventibles forum to see what people are doing with the Xcarve and your clock was one of the first things I saw. Ive been on the fence whether to pull the trigger on getting one or not for a while now. Are you pleased with yours and happy you got one? Maybe after tax season next spring will be my time? Anyhow thanks for the info on the painting and keep up the great work!


Hi could you send me a copy of these design please