My first (and only) 1/32" carve SUCCESS… and broken bit

They said they were fragile. They are. I snapped it right before by second carve in 3 layer HDPE. It was my first carve with the bit. Dang. I thought I’d move it on my own, with the z kinda set and… tink*!

I’ll order many more tomorrow, and hopefully never make the same mistake again.

Here it is:

I couldn’t figure out how to clean up the furry black layer with this shallow carve, but I finally did with a wire brush, paper towels, iso, and a clean flame.

Next time will be faster. It may be a keychain… a promo. Dunno.

Thanks for taking a look!


Nice work.
With each broken bit or discarded failure, we’ve learned a little bit more…

I had a similar experience with my 1/32" bit, attempted a jog of the gantry and tried to go through a clamp WAY too fast and with the spindle shut off. Didn’t work too well


Holy cow are these bit fragile. I’ve gone through 4 of them so far, even when carving at slower than the recommended feed rate. Wonder what I’m doing wrong. 28 ipm, .03" depth per pass, Red oak, total depth of .06"

Take a look at tapered bits, They still have the fine point but the increasing thickness makes them much more durable.

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Try a 1mm bit. A little bit stronger, with more options.

I just started using a v bit for detail after for 4 or 5 of these bits. Works great for words as well.

Hi there. I use 1/32" bits all the time. .03 doc is too much. You need to go half the diameter of the bit or less.

For wood and plastic, I use .012-.015 doc and 30ipm.

For tiny bits and carving I use tapered ball nose bits, they are much stringer then straight endmills. I use a 0.25mm radius tipped bit with no issues.