My First Carve - Sign for my home haunt

Hi everyone! I’m new around here (actually been lurking for over a year) and finally a few weeks back pulled the trigger on a 1st generation XCarve. I haunt my house every year for the local trick or treaters, and am excited for the opportunities the XCarve provides for taking my props to the next level.

Anyway, my first full carve was a sign for my haunt. I used an 8" piece of pine and cut each set of letters individually on my 500x500 machine. I’m pretty happy with it…actually very happy with it. Still needs a little bit of finish work, lighting, etc.

Lesson learned: mask BEFORE carving! My technique was to carve, spray paint, sand away the overspray, then stain the wood. Next time I think I’ll pre-mask with painters tape, as sanding the overspray was not a pleasant experience. Anyway, here’s the sign…



looks cool! please post more pics as you tweak it more. Ya I have to get busy on making some custom decorations ie tombstones signs etc. I usually go all out for Halloween. we should compare notes.

Awesome, would love to compare notes! Figured I’d find some kindred spirits around these parts. :slight_smile:

Do you make your own tombstones? I’ve made a few out of pink hard insulation boards by hand. Interested to try with Xcarve now.

I have made a few of my own as well, but nothing to write home about. I am really excited to start making some on the XCarve, I really think it will take my tombstone game to the next level. Do you have page for your haunt, I’d love to see it!