My first cribbage board

I have a good friend at work that is moving to AZ in a couple weeks, he served in the Navy and ended up at Boeing working on the P8A (military 737) with me. He told me that he plays cribbage with his wife (also retired Navy) although she cheats, and I decided to make him a going away present. It’s not perfect, but then neither am I and I am sure he will dig it.


Thanks Bob, actually the finish is layered, I sand everything with 220, dump on sanding sealer let it dry for an hourish, sand lightly with 320 or 400, spray a coat of laquer, sand with .000 steel wool and then hit it with a coat of clear gloss poly. I might sand and do one more coat then buff it out.

I used the Inkscape laser plug in to burn the vectors. I slowed it way down to 8 and let it do it’s thing. I had a couple lines in the chain that aren’t perfect but there was nothing I could about that…

Looks outstanding.

My wife cheats at cribbage too, funny. Beautiful present for your friend, nice job.

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Stunning. Love the finish looks glassy!

The first picture is the underside? I’m guessing?

The laser really allows the detailing to be done.

Thanks Wayne, yes the first picture is the back side. The lasers images look really good against maple.