My first finished project which used the x-carve

Just finished the apothecary-style box I’m making for my wife’s birthday, and despite it’s flaws I quite like the result. The cabinet work is all made traditionally (not on the x-carve) using handheld routers and dovetail jigs and the trusty band saw, but the drawer fronts and the recess on the rear of the drawer into which the body of the drawer slots into was done on the x-carve. All made from white oak, (which for the love of god why is oak not a material choice on easel?) and had to slow the cut speed down for a good cut on such fine lines between the pockets of the cut. But all in all it works great and looks quite nice. I took the time to build the whole thing in solidworks first which ironed out a lot of errors. Not all sadly, because this was also my first project using a dovetail jig and I hadn’t calculated the dovetail measurements quite right, but enough to make it gift-worthy. So thanks X-carve.


That’s a great looking apothecary! Nice use of the CNC too. Great job. :thumbsup:

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I like it! You did a very good job, she will love it!



Very nice!

Great work!