My first handgun grips

handgun grips



Making a new set of grips is on my todo list, but doing the 3D design is still beyond my F360 skill set.

What software did you use to design yours?


Awesome! In addition to the software question, what material did you use?

What material are you using on that?

PADAUK wood and white corian
I think they’re need a couple small jewel like beads in the eyes
This was done with cut3d and UGS

I used a 3D printer stl file already made
Loaded it into cut3d

Looks great.

I’ve wanted to try using corian. where do you get it from? I’ve looked for sources locally but have had no luck.

I live near 3 cabinet companies ,they give me there scraps

You can also get some from the x carve site under materials

what website did you get your stl from?

Stl Finder or thingiverse ,if I remember correctly
I wish I could design myself but I have turbocad software but its complicated
I could lean anything but don’t have the time .

I made some scales once, I popped the stock ones off and then scanned the flat sides on a scanner, traced around them using inkscape

I am getting better results after much help from people here,
Thanks to all.
X-carve and eBay are working good for me


I’ve got a project going where I’m trying to make black linen Micarta scales for a damascus blade I bought online (I’ve been trying to convince Inventables to sell this stuff). I tried scanning it, but there was too much of a blurry shadow around the edge due to the thickness of the blade. I played around with various settings and filters to no avail. If anyone can suggest a better solution, I’d be grateful.

Damascus Tanto

P.S. Part of the project is also to cut out an MDF mold for a Kydex sheath. Something else Inventables should sell…

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Those are some sweet knives! Thanks for the link. It looks like he’s using the foam to form the Kydex to the blades. That gets it close, but not crisp, defined edges. In my 20’s, before the internet, I made a male/female mold for a Kydex sheath out of layers of MDF relieved for the thickness of the material and my sheath looked factory made. That’s what I’m going for with this tanto. I’m hoping the whole thing is Tip Jar worthy.

Actually, a version of your idea is so brilliantly simple, it just might work. I have some self-centering spring loaded punches that are used for drilling screw holes for hinges which will work perfectly. Hmmm… Thanks for the idea/incentive.

I seem to accidentally hijack threads, so let’s start a knife-making thread :sunglasses:

Nah, we can do it…:slight_smile: I’ll post something this weekend.

I made some for a 1911 compact. I’m almost to one year with my X-Carve and I still haven’t come to terms with how many things I can make. Definitely some of the best money I have ever spent.


I’ve been looking for a plain 3D model of the 1911 compact ,do you have one?

very nice work