My first laser engraved cutting board

This cutting board did not turn out to bad. It is made from maple and walnut and i was a bit suprised at how dark the walnut burnt. First time for the laser on walnut. Other then that i think it turned out nice. I am taking it to our county fair to enter into the open class woodworking. I will see what everyone else thinks.


Good Luck
When does that fair start?

Starts on Sunday.

I dunno if it’s just the grain interaction, but the walnut side etch actually looks like it’s floating over the surface in the image… very nice effect

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Thanks Nox. I did not plan it that way but it seems to work.

How did you do at the fair?
Sounds like you had excellent weather last week.

Weather was great but carni filed bankrupsy and never showed. Got 3rd place with the cutting board.