My First Paid Projects!


They look great. How will you finish to second project?

The customer actually wanted it unfinished, personally I’m not sure… I rendered some painted versions, but I think that just painting the text and then a nice warm coat would end up looking awesome

I am guessing you used Vcarve to generate the images?

Aspire… but yeah… The Auto Detail Cartel was an image trace of their logo and then building the shape around it. The hummingbird is mostly the clipart you get with the aspire/vcarve license.

Next one out


Nice work

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First time trying a pour painting technique for the fill

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Nice stuff, are you a Mopar

Yep, had a Scat Pack, now a Jeep SRT and my wife is in a grand Cherokee altitude.

Awesome, I have a 2015 R/T Shaker, and my wife has a Jeep Renegade Trailhawk, I saw you made a Golden State Mopar plaque, so guessing you are Bay Area? I am far Nor Cal, Will be in Sacramento for the Mopar day in the Park though in June.

Yep I joined up about a year ago I think… I have a ton of GSM designs, ended up making the awards for our first car show last year too :slight_smile:
Golden State is Golden State… you should join up :slight_smile: