My first piece that I completed “problem”

So, I’m completely new to cnc don’t know gcode, much about computers etc. This is finished using 1/4” two flute downcut bit for rough cut and 60 degree bit to finish. I’m I little disappointed with the lines and a few other things. Can you tell by picture if something is not quite right with my machine?

Did you trim and calibrate your machine? My first guess is your bit is not 100% perpendicular to your work piece.

Also quite possible the chosen wood isnt ideal in terms of surface cut quality? Either a cause or a compound factor.

When you set your feeds and speeds be sure to pic the Raster X Axis or whichever one follows the grain of your wood. I would try Hard Maple it cuts much better for this type of project

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Is that a stain or did you do it with a torch?
Very nice effect.

Thank you everyone for feedback… like I said I’m new. I used a piece of shelving pine that I had left over from another project. So wood could be a problem. I wanted to test before doing it on better wood.

I just done the same piece in red oak and it turned out great. I did make one change, I changed cut setting to cut y axis (with grain wood). Made a world of difference

Jan I torched it! Here is another example