My first plaque for someone

My son wanted to make his girlfriend some to give to her mom for Mother’s day. He had this idea so we drew it up and carved it into a piece of oak from HD. When done we sanded and coated with real oil. Didn’t come out to bad and just thought I would share my first project.


Nicely done.

I like it!

Do you have a project link?

That’s pretty crazy that the children in your family have the same names as the children in his family!

I made it in aspire. If I can figure out how to upload it I will

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Haha no my son asked me to make it for his girlfriend so she could give it to her mother. He had the idea I just put it to wood

It was in the clip art tab of aspire. I did pay for the software which in turn came with the clipart. I did not buy the clipart alone. So not sure if it would be good to share or not.

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did you carve it in Easel?

Just Easel

I wanted to paint the letters but didn’t go about it the right way. Before cutting out the final profile I tried contact paper and recarve the letters. That don’t work like I thought it wouldn’t.
Then I tried painters tape and all that did was shove blue tape down in the wood. So I said forget it lol.

Next time I will either carve after 3d rough and then paint then after dry run the 3d finish. Should get nice clean text doing that.
Also order some oromask to give a try.

Oramask works great. I use it on all the time. It adheres well and cuts cleanly.

You can use acrylic paint in the letters and simply sand off the excess when finished. Don’t use spray paint.

I just order a small amount of the oramask to give it a try.

That’s good to know. Spray paint was going to be the way I went. I will also try the acrylic paint thank you the suggestion

Spray paint will bleed unless you put a few coats of shellac on before you carve. You can use Rustoleum 2X spray primer, but don’t use paint + primer mixes. Marsh spray ink is also easy to sand off.