My first project build Kreg K4 Jig on X-Carve

Hello everyone , this is my first post on here. Sorry if I seem like a newbie.

I finally got to play with my X-carve. I need to build a jig for the Kreg K4 so I thought I could carve custom logo.

I also spray 2 coat of clear coat on the 1/2 mdf to prevent warping.

Anyone see any flaw or tips they want point out on my carving logo? Any advice is helpful :slight_smile:

Thank you and I hope you like the pic.


That looks great! I built something similar for my Kreg jig but before I had an x-carve. Are the big holes to hang it up? or just to let the chips fall through?

I love it!! I just got a Kreg jig and built mine based on Rock-n H Woodshop video. I like yours with the text in it.

I used the jig to make mine.
Again, great job
YouTube channel. Paw Paw’s Workshop

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I like them both. You don’t want to see mine. I use mine everyday making furniture and have drilled 1000s and i meen 1000s of holes with the original jig i bought. I think i am going to have to upgrade my stand now.

Ok, I wasn’t going to show my original one that I have used for the past, oh, forty years or so (who counting) but here goes…

I have made countless pieces of furniture, cabinets and so on with this little thing. I don’t even know who made it

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Maybe. I have only used the new jig for two projects so far. With the jig attached to the stand it works great so far. Not sure hoe it would work if it were a stand alone jig. Time will tell…but for now I like the keg jig over my old one

The big holes are handles so I can move or carry it. They are also for hanging it up.

Thank you, if you have pic of your kreg jig. I like to see it if possible?

Thank you ! I like yours too! :+1:t2: Smart thinking on the drawers for organization.

I’m going to subscribe to your YouTube channel. If you don’t mind (:

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Thank you

Nice build! I have a suggestion after using the K4 for a while, most of the chips fall from behind and make a mess in the floor. A drawer in the middle with a vacuum connector will help a lot. Or without the conector, just a box to catch them

Good idea. I have actually thought about buying the dust collector adapter from Kreg