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My first project share (baby crib)

Hi! I don’t share a lot but I hear it’s a good thing. So I’m sharing a project that I made almost entirely on my 1000x1000mm xcarve out of MDF.
My wife and I are expecting a baby boy in January (she will probably destroy my xcarve if she knew I gave away the gender). So I designed this crib in Fusion 360 and cut out all the parts with my xcarve. Enjoy!


that is nice! be wanting to make something like that but my kids are grown, lol. Good job.

That’s AWESOME!! Such a great way to bring your new one into the world. Congrats to you and the Mrs… Cheers.

Congratulations! You are going to have a new little buddy.

Great design.

Congratulations! We have a Girl coming in December.
Would you be willing to share your designs so I could make this crib for my girl. Please.

Great looking project, and congratulations!!!

Thanks very much all.

AustinSt.Aubin, sure, I can share the plans. You can find them here:

Note that it’s designed for a 15"x30" mattress.

Please note however, for anyone who attempts to undertake this project, that although I have done my due diligence to the max and ensured that all joints and connections are far stronger than you’ll ever need, I cannot be held responsible should anything go wrong during regular usage. You are responsible for ensuring that it is assembled properly and able to withstand regular use. Make sure you use wood glue for all joints to compensate for screws going into end grain. That being said, I’m very confident this would easily support my entire weight (although I haven’t tried). And I’m almost 200 pounds. Good luck!


That is a great project! thanks for sharing.

Nice project! Why 6 garage door openers!?

Nice work, it looks great.

I don’t use mdf that much but I often find it a pain when sealing/painting the exposed edges (end grain, if you will)

Any tips on how you did yours?

O M G !!!
this is just madness ! i was thinking making some *learning toys" with alphabet etc…
but the bed !! WOW !!

(we’re currently “trying” to make one too :innocent:)

Absolute perfection. Great job.

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Thanks very much everyone.

TimMoran, sanding and painting the edges is truly a pain in the butt. What I did was use use my finger to rub drywall compound on all the edges. Once dried, I sanded them, then painted them along with the rest of the project. Time consuming but I don’t know of an easier way… If anyone else does, please enlighten us.

I run a garage door company :slight_smile: hence all the garage door openers.

Good job on the bed and congrats on the new little one.

Sanding sealer, eh? I will certainly look into that, thank you.

Very nice. Job well done.

Technically that is a cradle and not a crib. Now that my inner jerk has presented it’s know-it-all self all I can say is, FANTASTIC WORK SIR! Congrats on the little one, He will change your life in ways that you cant imagine and the love you show for him with this project will pay dividends in the future for sure.

Congratulations soon-to-be dad! That is a beautiful crib - sorry, CRADLE :wink: - and your design work is most impressive.

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Thanks so much.

You know, JkWestphal, it’s funny that you should say that because I absolutely had no idea I referred to it as a crib until you mentioned it. Offline I’m always referring to it as a bassinet, and every time my wife calls it a crib I say, “what crib?”. I have no idea why I wrote crib. Anyways, that’s my story and I’m sticking with it until I come up with a better one.