My first "REAL" project V-carve on the new X-carve

So here is my first real project although it is done with scrap mdf. I think it came out pretty good!


Very Nice…

how did u do the wood grain look. Manually or CNC?

Its a texture tool in Aspire.

Heres the settings I’m not sure what I did, I just tried random things until I found something that looked cool. let me know if u cant read this.



Yes I just selected the center oval and the text.

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Thanks without all you guys help I would still be scratching my head , this forum is awesome !

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Great looking work.

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Nice Work

Sweet! Post pics! , I thought it would take a really long time to cut but it didn’t take long at all.

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Man, that looks great!

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That loooks SICK AF!!

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Hopefully that will disappear. What stain are you using, something dark? Was the glue-up large enough that you could have cut the glue line out and redone it?

I dig it. Awesome work as usual.

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