My first (successful) silhouette two-stage carve, starring Jim Morrison

Two-stage carve, really happy with how well it turned out. It’s very hard to nail down that finishing Z-depth without something like Charlie’s Triquetra block, but I’m pretty comfortable with the Inventables Z-probe at this point.

Minimal cleanup on Mr. Morrison and all toolpath lines were flat to the touch! I know you all can relate to what a great feeling it is after endless hours of aligning/calibrating/swearing/tearing apart/rebuilding/re-adjusting/rinsing and repeating on this machine once you finally get it all nailed down.

For a short while, anyways. :slight_smile:


That looks really cool Great job!

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And a short video for anyone interested:

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Awesome, looks really nice!

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so did you glue the thin lighter wood on top of the other dark board?

I think he stained the wood and the lighter area is where he carved.

What Alex said. I stained the whole board and cut away the lighter parts.

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ok Awesome! Really cool effect!!

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Here’s another BIG guy I cut for my blank basement walls the other day: