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My First X carve Guitar Body- a '72 Telecaster Thinline

I recently ugraded my unused Shapeoko2 to current X carve specs. It’s quite an improvement. I had a lot of extrusion from the Shapeoko, so my X Carve is 750 x 1000mm. This is the result ready for some hole drilling. I took the drawing from the German internet site with all the drawings. I used Rhino and CamBam to manipulate the drawing and create the G code. UGS was controlling the XC out in the garage. Other than a couple broken acrylic dust collector plates, the thing worked flawlessly.

I did a pickguard for it too.


looks awesome! can’t wait to see the finished product!

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Looks great! Care to share your design files?

The drawings are in here under Thinlines PDF. I just separated the pickguard out of the drawing as a separate drawing.