My Genmitsu machine

All works well on my machine but it is carving in mirror. I tried what they said at support but with result. Has someone else experience this with their machine and how do you fix it. Easel is a much easier program than Candle, so I want to use it. Help…

Mirrored on which axis?
What’s your $3 setting?

??..what do you mean? It looks like all axis! The spindle moves around like its carving but up over wood. What does $3 mean?

@GlendaPrieve It sounds like you are just getting started? Which machine, exactly, do you have? Have you carved anything successfully?

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I had this issue with my 3018 Gemitsu a long time ago, dont remember how I fixed it exactly. I would disconnect the wiring and reconnect them. Uninstall easle then reinstall and set up your machine in Easel to the exact specs. If that doesnt work try changing the specs around a little bit, like I said I had the same issue and disassembly and reassembly and uninstall and reinstall/setup was all I did to fix it. Wish I could tell you exactly it was but there is hope.

P.s. Save up your money and buy a used xcarve keep your ears and eyes open on here and facebook marketplace i was so excited to toss that 3018 away when i found my xcarve. After every upgrade you can imagine its so limited and every project takes waaaay to long.

Also try reading up on g codes, overwhelming at first but a necessity in this world.

Good luck carving and dont give up!

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Just the last one I posted. It carved parts of the project then went in to air carving again.

Thank you I will.

Does anybody else have this same problem. I will not stay connected. How do I fix that?

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The Blue Coupler uses Set Screws to attach to both the Lead Screw and the Stepper Motor Shaft. On some models there are Flats sections machined onto the shafts, this helps the set screw bite onto the shaft without slipping, you could add these flats with a file if you like…

I also suggest using a small amount of Blue (Temporary) Loctite on the set screws to prevent it from backing out. I’ve also used Nail Polish to sort of seal the end of the exposed threads during the last turn in when I didn’t have loctite and that worked very well on my 3018 for over 2 years…
***NOTE: I do NOT suggest using loctite on any screws the pass through the bakelite brackets as the chemicals in the loctite can cause the bakelite (which is a plastic like resin polymer) to become brittle.
The Bakelite Bracket I’m referring to:

Sry to jump in like this, but I’m new and cannot see r they’re to create a post. I just got 3018 n all OK. No limit switches, so I changed the$$ for x y z, to table measurements. My question, do I need to change my rpm from 1000. As going to use easel to make things and set rom for g code to 8000, but as ugs set to 1000, guessing that needs changing. Oh n how do i create my own post ty,

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