My Inventables Car decal!

My name is Christopher (Chris) Demetrick and have my 1000mm X-Carve shipping soon. While waiting I decided to add a little “bling” to my Kia Soul. I wanted to share.My car

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I’m pretty sure your link is broken there, Chris.

Yep…broken…can’t click the link.

I fixed it. Nice decal!

Nice! Did you get it somewhere, or did you make it? Oracal 651 cut with a vinyl cutter like a cameo?

I used a Cricut cutter (like cameo). Pretty standard font so no vector was needed.

We need to design a cheap, drag-knife system. :wink:

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Put them up for sale. I think you could sell lots of them.


We’ve got both (Cricut & Cameo). Cameo is nice because you can use any font on your computer. And SVG is the native format for the Cameo software. Turned out good, though. Might have to have the wifey make me one now!

I have two older Cricuts that I am able to use third party software with. I am able to use SVG files and TrueType Fonts. I would never buy into the online subscription model Provo Craft now pushes on their customers. They also sued the third party software vendors so that you are unable to buy the software even if you buy an older Cricut. I spent a lot of money with the company and now will not spend another dime on any of their products. C’est La Vie!