My key holder

I had an old busted rake, a perfectly shaped piece of wood, and time for a little v-bit carving.



cool project.

Great idea!!

You could sell those and really rake it in!


Thanks. I have seen a few others similar to this. Also seen them made with bent keys (actually, my dad made one a few years ago I believe).

I did this one only because the rake handle rotted and rendered it useless. (Yea, I could have bought another handle but then I wouldn’t have made this item :smile: )

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Nice Ideas. I use the CNC to make pockets just below the surface and then insert magnets.


DonovanMcgrath1, how thick magnets you used ? That looks very nice !

You could carve from the back side just short of the material thickness too.

I use 30mm x 5mm. It’s a bit overkill.

These are carved from the back. The circles on the front are only for design.

What impresses me is the bent keys. All the ones I’ve ever known would simply break (usually inside the keyhole). And I don’t see any evidence of heat being used, either.